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French Windows

  • If you’re looking to open up your property to the outside world then our French windows are both a classic and charming option. Not only will they add a touch of elegance and class to your home, but they also offer unparalleled ventilation and will add value to your property for years to come. 


    Similar to French doors, French windows allow you to enjoy unobstructed views of your surroundings. Made using two panels, they can open outwards together allowing for maximum airflow and also serve as an effective fire escape route. French windows have been used for centuries and this timeless design will complement any home, particularly adding charm to cottage-type homes. 


    All our French windows are custom-built to your specific requirements in our state-of-the-art factory near Bristol. Both long-lasting and stylish, you can relax knowing your windows are both beautiful and durable.

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Charming and strong 


French windows can be the perfect solution for windows that are higher up a property, as there are better and more far-reaching views of your surroundings. They can also serve as a good choice for your first-floor if your current opening isn’t large enough to meet fire escape regulations. 

Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation quote or visit our showroom in Weston-Super-Mare to see how this classic window design can work for you and your home.

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What is the difference between French windows and French doors?

Both French windows and French doors open and close in the same way, though have varying locking systems and handles. This is due to their difference in size. As French doors are big enough to walk through so require a different level of security. 


French doors are much taller and thinner than French windows and their frames and sashes are a lot thicker. Despite these differences, both styles have two side-hung sashes that open from the middle with no pillar between them. This means that when open, they provide unobstructed views of your surroundings as well as maximum ventilation. 


French doors are commonly used as an entrance into the garden, whereas French windows are smaller in design and can be installed on any floor. 

Are French windows secure?

At Britannia, our customers’ security is a top priority. French windows can be as secure as any other window depending on the quality of the materials used, the type of glazing and the lock mechanism. We ensure all our windows are manufactured using the highest quality materials and all our products are approved by the Police-led initiative, which works to reduce burglaries in the UK. We use three-point locking systems, locking shoot-bolts and high-security hinges on all our windows to ensure your safety. We also use thermally toughened glass if the window is on the ground floor. Either way, our expert installers won’t leave your home until you feel comfortable knowing how to use and lock your French doors securely.

What are the advantages of French Windows?

Their best feature is providing unobstructed views of your natural surroundings. French windows are the perfect window solution if you have beautiful vistas – you will be able to soak in your landscape without any pillars or panels in the way. 


French windows also allow you more control over your home’s ventilation and, when fully opened, there is nothing preventing the breeze from flowing inside during the summer months. Talk to one of our experts today or visit your local showroom and come see for yourself!


Why are French windows called French windows?

French windows and French doors originated in the Renaissance during the 17th century. New ideas in architecture and art were developing, with light as a central theme. To allow more natural light into their homes, they started to design windows with more glass. This trend came over to France, where they made large windows that could be used as entrances onto their balconies during summer while maximising on light and ventilation in their home. The design became popular across Western Europe over a few decades.

Do French windows swing in or out?

The choice is yours! Inward-opening French windows are easier to clean from the inside, however, if you have heavy curtains or don’t want to compromise on your inside space then they can cause a slight obstruction. 


Our outward opening French windows use modern anti-slam technology, so it’s unlikely they will slam shut by a sudden gust of wind. Outward opening windows also collect less rain and debris in the frames, but ultimately the decision is yours to make depending on what style would better suit you and your home.

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Features and benefits

Guarantees you can depend on.

We have built up a great reputation over years of delivering a first class service and excellent products, all from our local, no nonsense all-about-you company.

From characteristic country cottages to contemporary town houses, we’re confident that our products will offer a style and finish to truly transform your project. Through constant innovation the quality, durability and security of our products is genuinely second to none. As a local company we are proud to offer British Standards BS7412/PAS24 for enhanced security.

We refuse to compromise on quality

Our windows are made from British Made, high quality MarinespecTM components, with up to 25 years anti corrosion. They are built specifically for the more exposed areas of corrosion, such as coastal environments to give you worry free performance beyond your guarantee.  We believe spending more on components is worth every penny, and sets us apart from our competitors.

State of the art fabrication for best quality

We have invested millions of pounds into one of the most state of the art manufacturing facilities in the UK.  This enables us to provide you with consistently high quality products at exceptionally good prices. Our loyal factory workers are well trained and take pride in their work, they really care about quality.  Our machines are maintained according to a rigorous servicing regime to keep them in top condition.

Superior energy efficiency

Our ‘A’ rated energy efficient and triple glazed windows are tested by the BFRC, which will save you money on your heating bills. By law your windows and doors have to meet strict thermal performance regulations but you can be rest assured that our products exceed current requirements.

Energy saving is incredibly important and so is keeping your fuel bills down. We are continuously looking for ways to make our projects energy efficient and one way is to choose new PVCu windows and doors. Not only will they help to keep your project warmer, they will reduce your energy loss.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Our suppliers conform to strictly controlled and independently monitored Quality Management Systems such as ISO 9001, to ensure that everything is done correctly and according to best practise.

Our windows are tested independently by British Standards for security, weather tightness and strength performance. This means that periodically, we have to send them to independent test houses, in order to be tested to destruction.

These are just some of the many standards the products in our vast range conform to. Needless to say we take the quality of our products very seriously indeed.


Made to measure

The styles available are endless and the choices to suit your project are bigger than ever before. Traditional, contemporary or modern; our versatile window and door designs will create the look you want to complement and enhance your project. If you want windows that are as individual as you, our range of coloured and woodgrain windows offer you fifteen different colours and finishes.

A local business that really cares about its customers

Our sales consultants, surveyors, admin team and installers really care about you and your project. They are highly trained, motivated and want to go the extra mile to do the best possible job. Our fitters will treat your project with care and respect and will take time to ensure that you are delighted with the end result.

With a local showroom including an extensive display and experts on hand you can see before you buy and meet the team!

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