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Modern and Traditional Conservatories

Are you worried about your conservatory being too cold in the winter and too hot during the summer months? Well there’s no need to be! This may have been a problem in the past, but the design of conservatories has continued to evolve and diversify. Today, we sell conservatoires that are curated from high-performance glazing that can be specifically designed for your unique needs and space. 

Our modern conservatories are manufactured using innovative designs and high quality materials, to ensure you see the return on your investment for years to come. A new conservatory would add a touch of class and elegance to your home, creating a serene, ambient space for you and your family to enjoy all year round, no matter what the weather. 

If you are looking to stamp your personality on your property, choose from an impressive variety of colours and styles. Whether you’re looking to maintain the contemporary feel of your home or want more of a statement piece, we allow you creative freedom over the design so that you install the conservatory of your dreams. Our hybrid tiled and glazing roof options will also mean that your conservatory will feel like an integral part of your home, enhancing its visual appeal and adding value for years to come. 

Chat to an advisor today to discuss your ideas or if you’re looking for some conservatory advice. We will take time to work out what we can do for your unique space.

We are also registered installers of Ultraframe conservatories. This means we offer stylish conservatory roof systems such as Ultraframe, Ultraroof, Livinroof and Ultrasky options. These cutting edge roof options let you decide how much glass or tile you want your roof to have, meaning your new conservatory can be both luxurious and high-performing.


Light and comfort, perfectly balanced

Homeowners no longer have to choose between a solid or glass conservatory roof. That’s because the Livinroof combines the best elements of both. Extend your living space and create a comfortable room that’s light, bright and suitable for year-round living.


High performance, tiled conservatory roofs

Ultraroof is the lightest and strongest tiled conservatory roof on the market. It is designed to sit on old or new window frames and doors; unlike other solid roofs, it doesn’t need a tie bar. 


Let the light flood in 

With fewer and slimmer bars than other systems, the Ultrasky Lantern Roof has the flexibility to respond to your design aspirations. Whatever style of property you one, the Ultrasky lantern will enhance it – meaning you’ll be able to create a traditional or modern effect. 

Choose from a wide range of glazing options for your new conservatory, including self-cleaning, noise reducing, UV filtered and much more. Our high-performance glass means that the cold air is kept outside your home and the warm, ambient temperatures stay inside. It also reflects the worst of the sun’s glare in the summer, so you’re kept at a comfortable temperature in every season. 

We spend the time to understand your individual needs so that we can create a multifunctional space that will suit you and your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for an extra space to entertain guests, a room to relax with your loved ones, or a light-filled space to simply sit and admire your stunning surroundings, we’ll make sure your conservatory dreams become a reality. We want your conservatory to reflect your personality, so simply organise a home visit and we can talk you through all the options available to you.

Common questions

Is it uPVC or PVCu?

Both mean the same thing! Both acronyms stand for unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. In English, those acronyms result in uPVC but in the 80s, it was formally changed to PVCu as the majority of European languages say the noun (PVC) before the adjective (u). Despite this change, in the UK the plastic is still commonly referred to as PVC. Whichever way it is written, both acronyms still refer to the same durable and cost-effective plastic that we use to manufacture many of our doors, windows and conservatories.

Is it worth having a conservatory?

Adding a conservatory can really enhance your current living space, as well as adding value to your property. It is the easiest way to add extra space to your home, as well as maximising on the amount of light streaming into your inside space. You don’t have to apply for planning permission, which you’d need for a normal extension, which can be a slow and costly process. 


Highly versatile, your new conservatory can be used to entertain guests, host dinner parties, provide a playroom for the kids, or even create a calm and serene space for you to unwind with a good book. If you’re looking for a space that will bring you closer to nature and your beautiful garden, then this is the perfect home improvement for you.

Are conservatories cheaper than extensions?

Generally, conservatories are cheaper than extensions and require less hassle. This is due to the fact that extensions use a variety of different materials, like concrete, bricks, a roof and windows, and need to comply with certain insulative regulations. On the other hand, a conservatory is mostly made of glass with either an aluminium or PVCu frame, so once it’s been created in our factory it’s much easier and faster to install in your property. If you are looking to invest in a new conservatory but are unsure on how much it will cost, get in contact with an advisor today for a free, no obligation quote.

Do you need planning permission for a conservatory?

In almost all cases it is not necessary to apply for planning permission. Generally, a conservatory falls under ‘permitted development’ rights, meaning that you can extend your property as long as it is not excessively large and the roof isn’t higher than your property’s existing roof. If you contact us with a conservatory that may need planning permission, we will help you take the necessary steps to get it. All our products are approved by CERTASS which provides a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate for any work we carry out. If you’re unsure whether your new conservatory will require planning permission, get in touch with a member of our team today. 

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